Our mission is to provide fast, professional, competitive, suitable and applicable solutions to construction sector with new products that will increase quality and profits of our partners, to increase the life standards and to improve the architectural lines of individuals and spaces. The way we choose to provide continuance of productivity and success for the generations to come, is to create and develop R&D and human resources for constant development.

In line with this mission, each of the Group companies are encouraged to use the current high standards and meet the demands of their customers with a wide product range and service quality in their sector.


Our vision, as a pioneer enterprise producing with high quality and standards using modern technologies, is to become a global ceramic manufacturer with our innovative systems and ethical business mentality in all the sectors we serve.

Vision of Akgün Group of Companies can be summarized as “perfection in everything they do”.

What lies at the heart of this mentality is a sustainable, long-term business mentality that is based on high quality of its employees and built with expanding goals. With our years of experience and growing targets, we as Akgün Group of Companies, are proud of our history as industrialists since 1925 and look to the future with confidence.