DURA – TILES BG AD (Bulgaria)

With an annual capacity of over 5 million square meters of glazed porcelain, Dura-Tiles BG AD is one of the most preferred porcelain tiles manufacturers in Bulgaria and the surrounding countries.

In Akgun Group company, there are five factories in Turkey and one in Bulgaria for the production of porcelain tiles. The total capacity of all factories is over 40 million square meters in one year. The group has three more plants for the production of sanitary ware, one furniture plant, two brick factories and one for roof tiles.

The factory in Bulgaria exports more than half of its products to over 14 countries in Europe and the whole world. The products are well known in Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, Moldova, Hungary, Israel, USA, Lebanon and Turkey.

Dura – Tiles BG AD is a Bulgarian manufacturer of floor ceramic tiles and the production process meets the high requirements of the European Norms like EN 14411.